Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer Vacations . . .

So I haven't updated this thing in forever, so I thought I would try to catch everyone up on what we (Ashypants and I) did this summer. I taught summer school for the first 6 weeks of summer (ended last week of July), and although it was super hot (HOTT) it was easy money :) Ashley just went to her regular job (8-5 @ at the law office).
We moved out of our apartment and are currently living with the Parise's (Sheila and Marcus). We bid on a house and are waiting to hear back from the bank-- hopefully soon!! Until we hear back we are becoming best friends with Rileigh, Darby, Reagan, and Maddie!! Its pretty much a good time all the time :) (don't ask Marcus about living with this many females)
We got to see some of the Sorensen family at the family reunion at the beginning of August. After the reunion, I went back to Idaho to escape the heat for a few days. I visited Krista and Shawn in Nampa and had a grand time with 'the boys'

After attending swimming lessons and football practice for a couple days I travelled with the O'Dell's to Bear Lake for a little R & R before the new school year started. Ashley met us up there so she could have a mini vacation for the summer!! We went swimming, relaxed (read ALOT), and hung out at the lake. I'll have to get the pictures from Krista from our jet skiing times, but we had a blast and it was sad to leave.

It was such a good summer and had such a good time hangin' out with family and friends... can't wait for our next vacation.... it can't come soon enough!!

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