Monday, April 26, 2010

new best friend

Dear Allegiant Air....
Thank you for being so awesome! Anytime you want to offer $10 flights to my home town, you go right on ahead. I will now be able to visit Fiesta Ole once a month, and could possibly get a part time job at Papa Kelsey's for this rate. Seriously, I booked 10 flights :)
I heart you!!

p.s. Southwest would you honor a competitor coupon?


Anonymous said...

While we are writing to Allegiant Air...

Dear Allegiant Air,
Thank you for letting Krista & I go visit Kallee & times for sure! Oh, also thank you for letting Ashley & Kallee come visit so often!

Michael and Julie said...

On the subject of letters:

Dear Julie,
Thank you for letting me know about these cheap flights and for calling me to let me know that there is only 5 more hours until this deal expires. And thank you for being the bestest friend and really wanting to come down to Vegas for your birthday, but can't because your husband is working and you *fingers crossed* will have a job by then. Also, thanks for being willing to be my Fiesta Ole buddy EVERY one of those 10 times I come to Kimberly, because I will call you (of course) and let you know the minute I arrive.