Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Worst. Day. EVER.

Have you ever had one of those days when the universe seems to be working against you. And everything you do seems to only make it worse. Its like your destined to fail. No? Really? Its just me?! sucks!
• It all started with me sleeping through my alarm clock
• I didn't realize until it was too late that I used conditioner TWICE instead of shampoo (needless to say I'm having a bad hair day)
• I was late for work and there was already a HUGE pile of work stacked on my desk
• I didn't get to check off ANY items from my To-Do list...only was able to DOUBLE it!
• Had to work through my lunch hour
• Had to deal with extremely annoying clients who asked extremely annoying questions
• Broke my nail
• Was informed my identity has been stolen & my twitter account was hacked into
• Was late to my dinner appointment
• Arrived @ kallee's house whom wasn't there but decided to go in and wait for her. Put my purse on the kitchen table (including my car keys & cell phone) then realized I forgot something in my car. Walked outside (and it was freakin' windy so I closed the door) realized my car was locked AND now so was the front door!!!
• Could not find the spare key outside
• Waited 10 minutes outside in the cold waiting for Kallee to return
• Realizing Kallee wasn't returning soon decided to walk to friend's house to call Kallee
• Walked the mile IN HEELS to friend's house in the dark!
• Weird old man began to follow me (at this point I'm almost in tears). Started to pray that old man wouldn't kidnap me!
• Arrived @ friend's after a slight panic of not knowing her gate code (let's remember I couldn't call her cuz I had no phone)
• Got thru gate only to find that friend was not home...ugh!
• Walked the mile IN HEELS back home
• Walked IN HEELS passed a dead cat in the road...feel free to throw up now...I already did!
• Sat (in quite possibly the coldest day in Vegas) for an hour waiting for chatty kathy (aka Kallee) to return
• Did my homework and realized that I bought the wrong textbook for it (yes it is already midterms)
• Now has HUGE blister on bottom of foot!

So basically today sucked! I want to crawl into a hole under a rock and never return.

Note to self: tomorrow is a new day... It can only get better. But seriously I'm over today.

Hey Today, you suck! Can we start over?

Love, Ashley

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Jill and Travis said...

Oh Ashy Pants, I am sorry! Today really was NOT good to you. On the bright side it is almost your birthday! Hang in there friend! And I bet the whole "bad hair day" thing was just in your head...your hair was just extra soft and shiny. And I am really glad the old man did not steal you! And I bet the heels you were wearing are really cute. Love you!

Schwabs said...

Oh man! That is a terrible, rotten day! Hope tomorrow goes better for you!

Molly Andrew said...

So sorry Ash! Next time call in sick and spend the day in bed. We love ya!

Michael and Julie said...

oh my gosh! that really is the worst day! you should write a book called "hey today, you suck! can we start over" i would read it. although i slightly feel like i already have. here's to today!

Michelle said...

I guess you could always look at the bright side- the old man never kidnapped you. So I guess it could've been alot worse.:) Sorry you're day sucked so bad. Like you said-today is a NEW day and hopefully it will be grrrrrreat!!

Kindra Serr said...

Quite possibly the worst day I've heard of! Take care of that blister!

Racheal Dixon said...

Awwwwwwww... :( I'm sorry!! This just means the best day of your life is coming soon!! :)