Sunday, March 29, 2009

weekend in Idaho

So we got to go home (to Kimberly) for a few days to enjoy some time with the fam and attend Julie & Mikey's wedding. We flew in to Idaho Falls and Ashley's friend picked us up (who happens to be named Ashley... weird). Ashley and her friends went out on the town to celebrate with Julie on her last night of singleness! Friday morning we went to Julie's wedding and then spent some bonding time with mom shopping :) That night we went to one of our local favorite spots for dinner, La Casita! If you are ever in Twin Falls you should check it out-- best enchiladas EVER, highly recommend 10F! Saturday, Krista and Shawn and the boys came down for a visit. It was great to see them and Ashley showed them all how to slide down the basement stairs! It was great fun for everyone:) It was great to see everyone and hangout for a little bit, it always makes me a little sad to have go back home because it is so far away from all the family, but I guess it makes visiting that much better?!

waiting at the airport

Julie's & Mikey's reception-- congrats Mr and Mrs Vasquez!
show some love for La Casita
Some fun on the stairs :)
the video gets turned sideways for some of it--sorry..


Schwabs said...

Haha! We went to La Casita our first day there - as soon as we got off the internet. Mm-mm, good enchiladas for sure!!

Michelle said...

You guys are super cool Aunts! No wonder you guys are the favorites! And by the way, you guys are both looking super hot! You guys look all tan and stuff in the airport pictures. Kallee, did you do something new to your hair? It looks really cute! I just love you guys and can't wait until the Kenney Chesney concert! It will be a good time! YAY!

Michael and Julie said...

wow! mr. and mrs. vasquez are quite the lookers! :) thanks for making the trip you two! it was fun - oh and don't worry....your coasters are on our coffee table ( chocolate table) and your other present....well, it's in use! haha. jk