Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ugh.... reality tv

Warning: this is a just a rant about reality tv... no lectures needed

Okay-- so I don't know how many people watch The Bachelor, but WHAT IS THE DEAL with that show? Every season I say I'm not going to watch it and then I totally do, but seriously, it always ends badly. This season is no different.

I was actually okay with the fact that Jason picked Melissa. She seemed normal and got along with everyone, no psycho red flags or anything. Seemed like a normal ending until "After the Final Rose. . . " What the H-? Jason brings her (Melissa) on in front of all of America and dumps her... he is a total jerk! Then, as if that wasn't shocking enough, decides he made the wrong choice and wants to pick Molly!? Uhh--- NO?! And, Molly is all yada yada yada, my feelings never went away... okay, I get the fact that she had her heart broken and those feelings were genuine, but COME ON! He breaks up with one (on national television) and waits like 10 minutes and jumps into a relationship with the other... NICE.. gag me! This show is dead to me.... until next season :)


Heidi Sorensen said...

I know...why would he dump her on t.v.? Why wouldn't he do it like a normal person??? He SEEMED like such a great guy. Why would he think that was AT ALL O.K.? I was shocked! The Bachelor has a way of pulling me into it every season, next one will be no different.

The Goldthorpe Family said...

ASHLEY!! I didn't know that you had a blog either! Well, you are now on my blog list and I'm excited that I can read about what's going on in your life through your blog!!