Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day #23

Girls just want to have fun! Seems like Ashy Pants is a very good go-to gal. She is always willing to try out things and go along with people to whatever adventure may be awaiting. She makes almost any experience more fun and entertaining-- especially long car rides. I don't know anyone else who could play the "travel" games for as long as she can. Ipod Karaoke, Celebrity, and--my personal fave-- Who Needs A Makeover are just a few games we've spent hours playing. It seems like no matter what we are doing Ashley makes the time go by quickly and happily. She is very good at 'guess that movie line' and pretty much cleans up at charades. She may not be able to solve political problems or win on Jeopardy but she could be my phone-a-friend if I'm ever in the Cash Cab! It is true what they wrote on the bathroom wall about her . . . she is a good time :)


Ashley said...

Uhh... I'm not sure if I should be offended at the whole "bathroom wall" thing... I'm starting to get a reputation (b/c of Kallee's LIES)!!!

kallee said...

come on-- that is funny :)