Thursday, July 17, 2008

I really HATE moving!!

So we are moving out of our apartment! Yeah, its loads of fun-- so much so that we loaded up all the fun and took it to the DI. We aren't acutally moving until July 25, but trying to get a start on the packing of all the "treasures". Seriously, it gives me a headache to think of all the stuff we have accumulated since we've lived here and having to box it up to move. ugh....

For some reason Susan thinks its funny to "pants" people... its not-- am I right Ashy??

This is us driving to Deseret Industries... yeah... I looked like that.. sad, but it was hot and hopefully not too many people saw us!!


Michelle said...

Oh, I don't even remotely feel bad for you guys. Try boxing up my parent's stuff of 20+ years and then boxing up my stuff from 5 years! I had to do it twice, twice I tell ya! But I do feel bad that you guys won't be living with Susan anymore. But that doesn't mean that you still can't come to VALLEY and hang out every once in a while. I kinda miss you little squirts.:) Not to mention our Wii tournaments.

julie said...

note to the editor: i think it's "de-pants". if susan thought it was funny to "pants" someone then that means she puts them ON and heck! i'm in! who doesn't love free pants?