Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blind Date

Last weekend (August 28) we had the chance to see Michael Buble! Love, Love, Love that boy :)
Ashley was joking around telling people she had a blind date with Michael and ticketmaster set it up (which is actually true). Yeah, I thought it was pretty clever until my mom called and wanted to know how her date went...uhhh, well the concert was great, her date (I'm assuming) is awesome also, but as we didn't get to go back stage to meet and greet him they probably won't be seeing each other any time soon, plus he is engaged, but whatever... nothing is written in stone :)

We had a good time, we took a quick picture before we left so we could document the occasion (like every concert we've been to) and then accidentally left the camera sitting on the counter... so no live pics!
we attempted a few self portraits

these were the best ones... we will work on the photography skills later!
He is seriously so funny!  My favorite part was when he was talking about his musical influences and what he listened to growing up...blah blah blah, he loved Michael Jackson and did a short impersonation.  It was awesome!!  I don't think I could love him more, well maybe if he wasn't Canadian...

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Colleen said...

Oh my goodness I love Michael Buble!!!! And that little Michael Jackson ditty, just made me love him even more! Thanks for sharing!!!