Thursday, December 4, 2008

blah, blah, blog

So, I haven't blogged for a few so I'll give you a quick update as to what the 'Andrew sisters' have been up to. (short version)
  • Went to Kimberly for Thanksgiving (short 8 hour car ride)
  • Ate way too much delicious food (including stops at Arctic Circle and Fiesta Ole... not to mention all the home cooked goodness courtesy of M-O-M)
  • Bonding time with the entire fam
  • Shopping extravaganza (only time I wake up before 5 am to stand in line)
  • Attended Ryan's baptism (way to go buddy :)
  • Back to good 'ol Las Vegas (short 8 hour car ride)
Anyway, it was good times for all and we had a blast hangin out in Kimberly. We even got to see Julie for a couple nights and she is hilarious as always-- all I can say is "Dear Diary" and I hope your brother pays you that 100 dollars he's owed you since 1995!! OH--and congrats to Mikey and Julie (can't wait to see you in March!)...

Okay-- this is random, but Shawn just told me about it and I watched it and thought it was hilarious so I thought I would pass it along... its the new guitar hero 'world tour' commercial...


Amy said...

okay, that video is hilarious. It was good to see you guys last weekend! Thanks for spoiling my kids :)

julie said...

i'm laughing so hard right now and if i weren't in the library it might be out loud! so yeah, my attorney's on the whole $100 thing, but since ross didn't sign it - he says it's not legit! what's up with that?...i wouldn't just make things like that up!