Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Baseball Game

Susan scored us (Ashy and me) some super good seats to see the Las Vegas 51's so we checked it out last night. We were right behind home plate so it was fun to go and enjoy one of America's favorite past times... not gonna lie, not a huge baseball fan, so I was a little skeptical. After we parked (that is a whole other story in its self, and a big shout out to the parking attendant who saw me come in the wrong way (big sign marked EXIT) and still let me in) we went into the stadium and the usher seated us, and dusted off our seats!! They were playing the Sky Sox (I still have no idea who they are) and the bleachers were mostly empty but we had a great time. We tried to remember all the baseball jargon we learned as children including, but not limited to:
"hey batter, batter"
"easy out, easy out"
"good eye"
"throw the heat"

It was a little chilly out so we ended up leaving early, but we did sing 'take me out to the ball game' in the 7th inning so we figured that counts as a full game...
I'll post some pictures soon, so everyone can enjoy our little night out. (I did get scolded for standing up taking pictures and apparently blocking the game-- uhh, no comments about the fat jokes, thank you)

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Michelle said...

Ummm, and you were making fun of me for going to the monster jam world finals?!@j/k You guys are funny! Can't wait to see the pictures. OH, how about American Idol tonight? I thought it would be Syesha, not the Australian dude. I thought he was getting better.