Monday, March 3, 2008

SUU Game

It was Senior Night at the SUU game!!
Go Thunderbirds!!

Happy Kasen?!

What can I say, kids love me!!!

It was good to go to Cedar and see some of the Sorensen's this past weekend. We (Ashy and me) rode with Aunt Liz and Uncle Bret and Uncle Lee up to Cedar City. We tried to keep them entertained with fun car games like karaoke and question game, but the audience wasn't as enthusiastic as we wanted-- go figure!! (Shhhhing was quite prevalent) We also got to hang out with Aunt Harriett, Uncle Dilworth, Uncle Mack, Aunt Tami, Aunt Jacque, Uncle Jim, DeAnna, and little Colt. Oh yeah, Nate stopped by and we met his girlfriend, Jess (I think)-- she was cute and seemed to be a keeper!! The game was pretty good, they won in over time-- thanks to my awsome cheering! :) After the game we had some dinner at Applebees and then enjoyed a nice SNOW storm on the drive home. All in all, it was good times!


Amy said...

2 posts in one week, wow, that's a record!! Looks like you guys had fun, isn't it fun to be the designated "kids" on a trip and annoy everyone else?

kallee said...

I find it to be a good time-- everyone else... not so much!!