Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Break

Okay-- so these are way past due, but I'm trying to catch up a little at a time. So since I last posted a few things have happened and hopefully I'll be able to fit them all in on this post!!

First up is Spring Break!!

So, spring break is like one of the few reasons to become a teacher and I'm not gonna lie, I was counting down the days until it started. I didn't go on any crazy excursions or get to leave the country, but my parents did come to Mesquite to relax so Ashley and I went over to spend some quality time with the fam. We went to the buffet, played a little golf, soaked up some sun, and won a little green (while waiting inside the casino).

End of Spring Break...I know I was also sad :( we went up to Salt Lake to Visit Brad and Brian and my cousin Britny's wedding--

It was Easter weekend so we got to hang out with the family a little. The nephews were a blast to play with and talk to. Especially Tyler, since he was our little host... thanks Amy!!

Tyler was such a good picture taker, and very entertaining!

Logan was so excited to spend some quality time with his aunts!

Zach showing off his new bunny that the Easter Bunny left him...Plus, he was sportin' his new Easter shirt/tie so homeboy was looking good!!

At the end of the weekend Tyler let us try out his plasma car-- not gonna lie, they are super fun!!
This was the fun in motion!!
**Note-- I don't know how to rotate video so you have to watch it sideways...sorry!!
Also, any screaming you hear is courtesy of Susan :)

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Michelle said...

Tyler is such a good little sharer! Landon would have a cow if anyone tried to ride one of his cars. As you and Ashley know, he's such a friendly little guy. Those were funny videos, though! I can't believe you didn't take a ride!